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Story: http://www.quizilla.com/stories/9957062/when-miss-hot-topic-falls-for-mr-hollister-23 When Miss Hot Topic falls for Mr. Hollister

A cliche.

I hate high schoolers.Collapse )
Hello, hello~ You may be welcoming me now, but you're about to stop.

Direct your thanks for today to naturally morbid.

The wonderful experience that'll be for is called Believe Me While I'm Lying.

Summary: Over in the Trinity Blood fandom, Dietrich is suddenly acting like a sixteen-year-old girl, which, of course, means he can't resist Isaak. Please shoot me now.

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Sheeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaack....

Apologies for the lack of activity of late. I've been really...um, busy. Or lazy, depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, I've gotten a chance to watch Invader Zim again, which I haven't seen for years, and now that I'm older I can appreciate the epic win even more. Yay periforal demographics.

Sadly, there is no canon so epic that moronic fangirls can't ruin it. With a quick check on the Pit of Voles, I have discovered that there are Suethors abound who feel the need to pair their OCs with Zim. They must pay for their idiocy and defilment of IZ.

Shamer of Jhonen Vasquez's creation: Yuutoko Marshio ( www.fanfiction.net/u/1684079/Yuutoko_Marshio )
Title of Shitfic: My Life and Love With Invader ZIM [which I can assure you is even *better* than it sounds*
Genre: Alien-Barf [similar to the sort Zim produced at the end of 'Zim Eats Waffles']
Summary: New girl in class is apparently a Xenophile. Note that the author, like so many, fail to realize that Irkens reproduce asexually. This one is gonna be long, because it gets more and more stupid with every chapter.


LJ cut of DOOM...Collapse )


I have a migraine

Perpetrator: XxSoulessPuppetxX

Story: FMA/Naruto/Hp Best title evar

Summary: Mary-sue and Gary-stu steal Fullmetal Alchemist's plot. This is supposed to a crossover story but I decided to spork the first chapter where it's mainly FMA  with random dashes of Naruto.

Notes: Who messaged NamiMakimono? XD. Okay to pull off a major crossover between epic series like FMA, Naruto and Harry Potter you have to considerable English skills. Which this author definitely does not have. No. Not at all. They set it out like a bloody MSN conversation after all. I wanna find out how the author incorporates the other elements but I don't. Actually this spork could be Part 1 of a collection of sporks of this story. Anyone wanna try?

If you read it repeatedly you might be able to make some sense out of itCollapse )

LaughingDevil666 -- Idiocy at its finest.

Author Culprit: LaughingDevil666

Title: Black Roses and A Heart In Chains .:Vampires:. 2

Genre: We demand moar vampire vomit!

Summary: A Sue kidnapped by vampires, your basic crap. We’ve all been here before.

Notes: My first individual spork on the site! :O Well, around one o’clock last night I decided to get my ass in gear. I’d been meaning to spork the second chapter of this shit for a while, and thought I might as well get it out of the way. Enjoy (if you can)! xD



And we're back with more from LaughingDevil666!Collapse )


Sakura bashing ahoy! (literally)

Perpetrator: NamiMakimono

It Could Always Be Worse (Uchiha Sasuke) Worse than this story? I think not!

Summary: For reasons unexplainable, a Mary-Sue is on a mission with Naruto and the group. Sick of Sakura's ranting about Sasuke, she decides Sakura's face needs to meet her fist.

Notes: It's 11pm. I'm not that tired. But it has affected the quality of lulz. Anyway why do Mary-Sues always have to bash Sakura? They're even worse than her. And Sakura would kick their ass back anyway. Whoa wait... I completely forgot that Sakura can punch things now. That would've made more material for this spork. Well I blame the author for fucking up the Naruto timeline (they're all 15 and Sasuke's still there...)

Would you click on this link if you knew that a rabid Sasuke fangirl was behind it? Collapse )


Author Culprit: fallingchild1234

TitleWhen Miss Hot Topic Falls for Mr. Hollister (10)

Genre: Shit

Summary: High school tripe, complete with cardboard characters and brand advertisements, meant only to remind us college students why we'll never miss that hell hole.  And evil boobs.  No, really.

Enjoy the spork,



Apparently, you are what you wear.Collapse )


I truly wonder how people post this shit

Perpetrator: DetectiveLawliet

Story: Death Note: L's REAL first friend Chapter 1 and 2 (The only thing I can say about the title is lol)

Summary: L and the gang are contacted by a mystery person (who is of course a Mary-Sue) claiming to have information about Kira. They turn out to be L's childhood friend, Lily.

Notes: Beware, the author's shift key and space bar are broken most of the time.

First spork but a far-cry from the quality of the other sporks here. I really didn't want to look through the shit fics of Quizilla (they give me nightmares) but the promise of lulz was too good to resist. Didn't highlight all the mistakes because there are just too damn many.

You'll scream and lol at the same timeCollapse )


My New Lulz-Mine: ELLAellaELLAellaELLAella

Sample: Lelouch:01{{Decode}}01:Lamperouge

Summary: What happens when Twilight fans start writing Code Geass fanfic? The difference in quality between the two becomes that much more obvious.

Dontleave -- Actually, Please Do.

Author Culpritdontleave

TitleA Mute Human at an All-Vampire Boarding School? [27]

Genre: Vampire Vomit

Summary: The title summarizes the plot much better than I can. I have no idea where the summary-title trend takes its roots, but it's surely not from the sharp-witted bloc of the population. It doesn't even incite people to read the drivel—only spork it. In fact, had this git concealed her fail-factor a bit better, I'd have never even touched her shit-filled story. Go figure.

Notes: Done during a four-hour biophysics lecture. What can you expect? xD

Enjoy the spork,


Read more...but not if you value your life.Collapse )


The Inquisition

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